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Shannon's Caps
Multi-Fandom Screen Caps for you
Tin Man Caps 
2nd-Jun-2008 09:07 pm
Tin Man
Here's the first of my collection. 

They've been uploaded to my photobucket, anything on there is free for the taking. Aslong as you let me know of course! At the moment it's only Cap's from the third installment of Tin Man. I havent quite got round to uploading the second, but I'll let you know once they are. For now Tin Man the Third.

These arent the best... in fact I've seen many that are better, but I thought I'd share them anyway!

Oh yeah... and I'm not sure why some have the toolbar and play option's in them and others dont... I guess I moved my mouse. For now you'll have to make do I'm afraid!!

-- Shannon. 
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